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DogMad Groomers Kapiti
Dogmad groomers kapiti
DogMad Groomers kapiti
DogMad groomers kapiti
Dog mad groomer
dog groomers kapiti
Dog mad groomers kapiti
DogMad Groomers Kapiti
The best dog groomer kapiti
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Here at DogMad Groomers, we are passionate about dogs and passionate about grooming. We provide professional grooming services catering for small  breeds ( up to 10 kgs) and  love helping dogs to look and feel the very best they can.

Apart from making your dog look fabulous, regular grooms help prevent overheating, uncomfortable tangles and matts, odour, undercoat congestion and many other problems... and of course a well groomed dog looks great and don't they know it!!


We provide a relaxed friendly environment where we love making that special connection with you and your special family member. We are great listeners and work closely with you to achieve the outcome you really want!

Every dog is an individual and we guarantee to care for your dog with respect, patience and kindness.

Whether its a light tidy up  or a full revamp, your furry friend will go home happy, looking and feeling great.

⭐️ Members of the National Dog Grooming Association of New Zealand.*

⭐️Experienced Veterinary nurse on staff*

"Fabulous groomers and daycare . Amazing friendly service , nothing too much trouble . Our dog loves the doggie daycare .
Would not hesitate to recommend my dogs look amazing after their grooms."



Grooming Hours

Tuesday to Friday 

8am to 4pm 




Full Groom and Style

A warm hydromassage bath, conditioner and blowdry. Ears are cleaned and nails clipped, followed by an attractive trim and style most suited to your dogs breed, lifestyle and the time of year ( ,ie a bit shorter in summer and a bit fluffier in Winter)

Suitable for dogs whose hair just grows and grows eg: Bichon, Poodles and Doodles, Shih Tsu, Maltese,  Schnauzers .....6-8 weekly


Full Groom with Undercoat Removal

For small to medium dogs who shed their coats seasonally or in some cases All year!

Includes a bath and blowdry, nails clipped, ears cleaned and a de-shedding groom and tidy to remove loose hair

$75 per hour


Zoom Groom

Bath, blowdry and trimming of nails, eye area, bottom and feet.

The perfect pooch pampering package for in-between regular 6-8 weekly full grooms. Available for dogs kept in a short(ish) trim. .From $45

Dogs kept in natural long coat and on a 6 weekly schedule.. From $65



Splash 'n'Dash Bath and Towel Dry

Great when you would prefer not to have to do it yourself

This is a while-u-wait service. Same day appointments usually available.

...$28 all breeds


Nails, face and bottom tidy (no bath) ....From $20


Nail Clipping

 No appointment needed. Tuesday to Friday 9am to 3 pm

 All breeds $15


Daycare with Full Groom

Booked for a full groom and want to leave your dog for the day?

Book The Little Dog Daycare (small dogs only)...half day price for a full days care ...$20 (Groom cost not included)



Dogs arriving for appointments must be current with their flea prevention schedule. Many flea shampoos or rinses are not 100% effective and therefore we no longer offer flea treatments.  If a dog is found to have fleas, they will be isolated from the grooming area to protect the salon environment and our other furry visitors. Owners will be requested to collect their dog as soon as possible. We are happy to rebook their groom once they have been effectively treated.



Grooming appointments are in high demand.  If you cancel on the day of your appointment or just dont turn up you will be charged in full for the missed appointment. This must be paid before another appointment can be scheduled.

As a small business we are unable to carry the cost of missed appointments while operating overheads  still apply during that time. While we always have a waiting list it is often not possible for people waiting to arrange to come at short notice.  You will receive a courtesy text reminder the day before your appointment however it is your responsibility to know when your appointment is scheduled.

Thank you for understanding the importance of keeping your appointment.

Dog Mad groomers

To book your dog in for a groom please call or text Sue on 027 6974387.

Sometimes we cant pick up the phone while attending to a dog so please do leave a message

DogMad Groomers Kapiti
Dogmad groomers kapiti
DogMad Groomers kapiti
DogMad groomers kapiti
Dog mad groomer
dog groomers kapiti
Dog mad groomers kapiti
DogMad Groomers Kapiti
The best dog groomer kapiti